We nurture curiosity, creativity and imagination

We aspire to awaken the spirit of every child, to celebrate the diversity of our community, and to approach each child as an individual while inspiring a passion for excellence and lifelong love of learning.

At Pinetree Montessori - London and Pinetree Parkhill Preschool, educators view children as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.

We encourage children to explore the world

Pinetree Montessori - London and Pinetree Parkhill Preschool are committed to supporting children grow to their fullest potential in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

We often incorporate nature into our daily learning by going outside to explore and learn about the flora, fauna and natural phenomena all around us. When weather won't permit us to go outside, we try bringing nature to us inside the classroom!


We create a positive learning environment to support each child

We recognize each child as an individual. Through observation and listening, our teachers provide activities and learning opportunities based on each child's interests and curiosities.

Everything is child-sized at our schools. For example, pictures around the classroom are set at child height so children can easily look at them. Brooms, brushes, and garden tools for outside are made for child-sized hands to explore.

By providing a balance of learning activities, play, artistic expression and quiet time, children are supported in every area.