“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.”

-Maria Montessori

Miss Fiona


Montessori & Ministry Approved Program Educator

I’m Miss Fiona. I am so excited to have these children in our care! My goal is to connect with each child and help them realize their inner potential. I am spontaneous, loving, and silly sometimes. I love the sound of laughter in our classroom. We are a “home away from home” for these little ones and our teachers are truly dedicated to meeting all of the children’s needs.

Miss Pat


Hi! I’m Miss Pat, and I am very excited to continue to make learning fun for each child, to listen, to observe and encourage their imagination and curiosity. I love the calm that happens when children are truly engaged and feel supported in their learning environment. I hope to share my creativity, love of music and positive energy. I am looking forward to working with you to ensure an exciting and fun-filled year for your child!

Miss Claire


Hi there, I’m Miss Claire. I may look like Miss Fiona and Miss Maddy, and that’s because I am Fiona’s daughter and Maddy’s sister! I am a believer in being patient, loving, adventurous, and SILLY with children! I strive to create strong relationships with children at Pinetree, and help them learn in a fun atmosphere. My favourite thing about working with children is exactly that: working with children. Meaning, I am here to learn from them as much as they learn from me.

Miss Eleanor


Montessori & Ministry Approved Program Educator

Hi everyone, I’m Miss Eleanor and I love being a Montessori teacher. I’m thrilled that you are joining our Pinetree family. I can’t wait to teach you and to ignite, in each child, a love of learning. We have a wonderful family of teachers here at Pinetree. A little bit about me: I love reading, going for walks, and I love ASL!

Miss Jocelyn



Hello! I’m Miss Jocelyn, and I love teaching here at Pinetree. I aim to develop personal connections with each child to help them grow and develop their behavioral and social skills. I specialize in working with children who find these areas more challenging and feel rewarded when I witness children tackle and overcome them. I also help children develop gross motor skills to prepare them for life ahead. I look forward to meeting and working with every child that comes through our doors!

Miss Megan


Hi I’m Miss Megan! I’m here to sing, dance, and make music. Each child has music in them and I love to bring it out. Another thing I love is hands-on activities such as art and science/sensory experiments. Every child is also an artist and I’m here to guide them in their own unique way. Get ready to sing, dance, and play the Miss Megan way!

Miss Claire

Miss Maddy

Teaching Assistant

Hi, I’m Miss Maddy. I am currently a student at Western University for music. I work at Pinetree from April to June. Music is my passion and I love sharing that with the kids. I really enjoy getting to know each child and watching them grow and excel at Pinetree. And I love to make learning fun, helping each child reach their full potential.