February Fun!

February has been jam packed with fun and learning so far! We have been busy feeling the love of Valentine’s Day since the start of the month creating art, singing songs and reading/sharing stories all about love and kindness. We’ve been hands on in sensory activities using all our 5 senses. We’ve been busy using and strengthening our Montessori skills of counting and sorting flower petals and our writing and letter recognition has been so exciting. We also had a great time celebrating the Chinese New Year! The children had fun celebrating the year of the pig through crafts and dancing to some great music.

The weather has had its ups and downs but  we have been getting outdoors as much as we can in the fresh winter snow. It has been amazing watching the children work together to create some really great snow characters and have fun interacting in the outdoors together.

We also have a kindness wall where when we catch your little one doing something helpful or kind they receive a special heart to place on our kindness tree!  We hope to keep the idea of kindness going strong the whole year long.
Oh what a wonderful February we have been having.